關於 ACE

澳華娛樂有限公司(Australia Chinese Entertainment Pty Ltd)是TVB Anywhere在澳洲的獨家代理商

作為澳洲最大的中文電視平台,TVB Anywhere為澳洲境內的150萬華人提供24小時無間斷的高品質中文電視和娛樂服務,每日觀眾流量數目龐大

澳華娛樂將加大資源投入,製作更多澳洲本地節目,以滿足觀眾對於本地華人生活資訊的需求,包括衣食住行、金融財經、生活健康百科、法律和地產常識等等。此外,澳華娛樂也與TVB緊密合作,舉辦多項華人盛事,如「澳洲華裔小姐競選」和「TVB Anywhere嘉年華」,旨在聯繫本地華人社區,並為社區的發展作出積極貢獻。


Australia Chinese Entertainment Pty Ltd (ACE) is the sole agent of TVB Anywhere in Australia. As the biggest Chinese television platform in Australia, TVB Anywhere provides 24-hour uninterrupted high-quality Chinese television and entertainment services to 1.5 million Chinese in Australia, with a substantial daily audience.

ACE will increase its investment and resources to produce more local Australian programmes to meet the audience’s demand for local Chinese lifestyle information, including daily livings, finance and economics, health, law and real estates knowledge. In addition, ACE also works closely with TVB and local communities to organise a variety of Chinese events, such as the “Miss Australian Chinese Pageant” and the “TVB Anywhere Carnival”, aiming to connect with the local Chinese communities and actively contribute to the community’s development.

ACE has a professional team proficient in both digital and offline marketing, dedicated to providing customers with one-stop marketing services. With rich creative thinking and excellent execution ability, we are adept at using digital marketing tools and platforms to produce content and events that best meet the needs of customers, expand the reach of market, enhance brand awareness, and achieve business goals. Whether it is digital marketing, content creation, event planning and management, or data analysis, we can provide customers with professional advice and solutions in the local Australian market or other Chinese communities.